Should i text my ex-boyfriend?

Question by : Should i text my ex-boyfriend?
I havent texted or talked to him inside 3 days plus tomorrow is 1 week aside, now was going to be the 3 month

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Answer by Meme
What might we state? Are you presently nonetheless friends? If thus, merely be friendly don’t state much really ask how he is plus don’t mention what would’ve been.

Answer by Sarah
don’t text him. you ought to move forward with a lifetime plus focus about what’s inside front of we. Who broke up with whom? when he broke up along with you DEFINITELY never text him.

Answer by Madam M
Unless we men are neighbors, don’t. He’s the ex for a cause plus don’t bother telling him which now, we 2 would’ve been together for 3 months. Its not worthwhile.

Answer by Michael
It absolutely depends about the way you feel regarding him. Should you 2 are performed, then is there truly a point inside talkiing to him? If not only send him a text regarding the way you miss him plus possibly when the conversation progresses, a pic of the boobs. Hoped this helped.

Answer by Bell Bell =)
What would feel like a wise decision today (i.e. texting him) will likely not appear like a wise decision once a head has cleared a bit. I once wrote out this complete speech to an ex boyfriend about a text, suggesting how much i missed him etc. while you were about a break, however, I’m SOO happy I didn’t send it, considering I ended up a some weeks later realising which I desired to break up for superior! (The break prepared me realize this!) So I might leave it for a bit, plus possibly consider it from another attitude. What might we advise a friend whom was asking the same query? Hope I helped. :) x

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  1. Phillip123 Says:

    should i text my ex boyfriend after i just broke up with him like two days ago and i still have feelings for him and if so what should i say

  2. isk8at818 Says:

    Me and my ex boyfriend have been broken up for about 2 years. We are currently pretty good friends and text each other every other day or so. My question is how do you casually text your ex to show him that you are still interested?
    I broke up with him.

  3. musicistabest Says:

    I was 19 years old & he was 20 years old dated for 8 mths & we broke up, because I didn’t want to give him my virginity because I believe its something that is sacred & intimate to be shared in marriage with somebody you will love for life.
    i really want to know why my ex boyfriend doesn’t speak to me, and then out the blue we get talking and asks me not lose my virginity to another guy. it really messes my head , I love him so much, but he concerned that another man wants me& he wants a part of me? There are so many women out there for him, I just want to know guys perspective or those who experienced why he came back for my virginity? Help please:(

  4. Jesse Says:

    i havent spoken to him on the phone or through txt since we broke up but i speak to him when i see him and i still like him as a friend what should i text him

  5. Franklin Bluth Says:

    i want to text him, not that i still like him or anything, i just want to see whats up with him. & i dont want it to be awkward.. any helP?

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